Stay At Home Sale Part 2

StayAtHomeSale: 19% OFF Part 2

“All good things must come to an end…” sort of. On May 11th, Part 1 of our StayAtHomeSale came to a close. Now, we announce Part 2. Our StayAtHomeSale continues with Make Your Own Candle Subscriptions and continuing with a site wide 10% off all regular purchases.

Now, you can Make Your Own Candle Subscription directly from your shopping cart. Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, and Trimester options are available. Simply fill your cart with the candles you want to receive periodically, select how often, and checkout. We will start shipping immediately and once every period thereafter on the day you placed your order.

So… Now through September 30th:

  • Monthly Subscriptions: 19% effective discounts (up to 5 shipments)
  • Bi-Monthly (every two months) Subscriptions: 16.75% effective discounts (up to 3 shipments)
  • Quarterly Subscriptions: 14.5% effective discounts (up to 2 shipments)
  • All carts, including Trimester (every 4 months) Subscriptions: 10% effective discounts

With summer just around the corner, Fresh Grapefruit, Mandarin Orange, and Watermelon are some of our favorites. But be sure to pick yours: Shop Now!

Subscription discounts will continue after September 30th (Monthly at 10%, Bi-Monthly at 7.5%, and Quarterly at 5%). You can manage your subscription at any time through our website (including adding to, changing, and reducing your choices). And you have your choice of PayPal or Square to securely store your payment information.

Stay at home sale, 19% off everything

Stay At Home Sale – 19% Off Everything

***Expired: Part 2 Coming soon!***

***Extended through Mother’s Day, May 11***

Legendary Candles has experienced festival closures and postponements since March 15th. After a bit of sorting the situation out, we would like to announce our response to the COVID-19 social distancing and self-quarantining efforts. We tried to come up with the simplest way for you to get the candles that you’re not able to get at Sherwood and Scarborough (we’ve still got our fingers crossed that we will be able to safely see you all there). Until then, our Stay At Home Sale is here!

Everything is on sale for our Stay At Home Sale, 19% off on top of our existing multi candle discounts. Shipping on domestic orders of $50 or more is also available for free. The discount is automatically applied in your cart. All you need to do is add the items you want and our website will take care of the rest. The sale is on until April 30th for now.

So, if you need candles to brighten your day or help clear the air inside. We’ve got you.

We recommend MintRx, Tropicals, and Aromatherapy fragrances. What fragrances help you?

We’ve been cleaning and sanitizing all of our inventory as it comes back from public shows. We just received a shipment of fragrance oils and have plenty of wax. If you need candles, we’re ready for your order.

January Give-Away!

Sandalwood! A Soothing Sandalwood Vase is up for grabs! On January the 31st we will be doing a drawing of all FOTM Clubhouse members for a Soothing Sandalwood Vase! Look for your email that says, You won!

January Coupon #1

For the month of January, we have decided to give you a 5% discount on a fresh start! With this coupon code, you will receive 5% off of any size Renew Candle. The refreshing and invigorating scents of Green Apple and Mint will help you get a fresh start on a new year!


Input the code FOTM1R1 at checkout! Thanks for being great!

The First Give Away!

Free Tickets!!

On January 2nd we will be doing a drawing of all FOTM Club members for a pair of free tickets to the Sherwood Renaissance Festival which opens in March. We will announce here and send an E-mail to the winner! Good luck everyone!!

First Coupon!

For the first Coupon we would like to give you $10 off your next purchase of more than$30. Stack that with your store wise discount and you’ve got some basically free candles!! Just type in the coupon code FOTM101 at checkout.

This coupon is only available to Fragrance Of The Month Club Members and provides $10 off of a minimum $30 cart total before shipping. This offer will expire 12-31-2016

The Road To TRF-Part 6-Start Preparing

More Free Candles!

For the next 5 days, we will have Mint Rx on sale. Buy one 32 Ounce candle, get one 4 Ounce candle for free. Just put in the Coupon Code: 324RX at checkout. This only works once per transaction so if you want to do it more, you’ll have to do more than one checkout.

Mint Rx will get you on the Road!

As we roll down the Road To TRF it’s time for you to start getting ready just like us. We thought we would put Mint Rx on special. How do those two connect? Well, Its about time for you to Get out and REVIVE that costuming, right? Then you should probably BREATHE and RELAX before its time to go crazy and enjoy the show. Then once the show is over, its time to slow down and HEAL from all the fun you had.

We want to make this whole process easier for you so we thought, hey, lets get another sale going!

Check This and Much More out at


The Road To TRF-Part 5-Presenting Trumpets!

Buy Two 32 Ounce Candles get One Free!

The Sound of trumpets.

We where doing a walk of the fair site and noticed these beautiful Trumpets Vines in Full Bloom! We loved them so much we decided to take  picture with our candles and then thought, Hey, lets do a Floral Special!! So we are continuing the Buy 2 get 1 Free on 32 Ounce Candles in Floral this time. Use Coupon Code RTTRF5 at checkout but it only works once per transaction. Make sure to grab this deal fast, just like the others, it only lasts 5 days!


Florals are amazing!

We thought it would be nice to put a little educational bit in here for you. Sunflower repels mosquitoes! Those little buggers are pretty bad right now so don’t miss this opportunity to grab some natural repellent!