Additive Free Candles

Welcome to freedom!

We at The Legendary Candle Company are proud to offer only additive free candles. So what is wrong with additives? Well we did that research already and it is all right Here! All of this information can be cross checked with attached links to our sources.

What does “Additive Free Candles” mean?

First of all, additive free means just that, no additives. We only put things in our candles that we can verify are not un-healthy. If you want to know what is in our candles, keep scrolling we strive to be transparent.

So, whats in our candles?

We use a blend of food-grade, paraffin waxes as the primary ingredient in our candles. So as a result, they burn clean, and do not release “aromatic compounds” like benzene and toluene.

Also, Our waxes meet the requirements of 21 CFR Section 172.886 & 21 CFR Section 178.3710.

Fragrance Oils

We use the finest essential oil based candle fragrance oils on the market. And, we test our oils to insure the quality.

Other Ingredients

Our candles also contain:

  • Clean cotton wicks with either zinc or paper cores.
  • Dyes to color the wax.

That is it, there is nothing more in our candles. On that, you have our word.

Whats all that for?

The paraffin wax is the base of the candle and is a pure paraffin and has nothing extra in it at this stage. Our fragrance oils are all top grade, high quality essential based oils. These are non-alcohol based and of the same type used for aromatherapy. The wicks in Legendary Candles are all either zinc core cotton (no lead!) or paper core cotton (still no lead!). Finally, we dye our candles for aesthetic reasons with clean dyes made specifically for wax. The same dyes used in food wax.

So That’s all. No more, no less. Everything else that sets our candles apart from our competitors is in how we produce them and how we take care of you, the customer.

All Additive Free Candles!Finally, what you see is what you get!