Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

As we wish to be clear and understood by all, these are the plain English Conditions and Terms of Service of The Legendary Candle Co.

General Terms and Conditions

First and foremost: We will treat you honestly, fairly, and in general, like a human being. We appreciate the same from you.

You are a name to us, not a number. Many of our regular customers are like family to us. Some we see regularly, some we have never met. We value all of you.

We make the best additive-free, strongly and naturally scented, long-burning candles on the market. We still make our candles in a hand-crafted old world method. We do not use machines. This gives us a remarkable amount of control over our product and causes some variation in our product (in small doses, we call this character). Our candles are competitive with most major candle companies. We do not believe them to be either inexpensive or expensive. If the only criteria for your candle purchases is price, we may not be for you. If you like hand-crafted, quality candles that burn for an exceptionally long time, smell as good or better than the day you receive them, do not leave black marks on your stuff, and clean themselves off the jar as they burn, stick with us.

We stand behind and believe in our product 100%. So, if we made it wrong, if it does not burn evenly, if it does not smell as least as strong as the day you get it, or generally fails to perform as advertised, let us know and we will replace it.

However, you are on your own if:

  • You burn the candle in a draft or out right wind;
  • You place or allow debris, matches, or any other foreign object into the melted wax of the candle, especially if you allow it to stay in the candle;
  • You burn the candle in an excessively cold room or place, or freeze your candle;
  • You put your candle out with anything other than by blowing it out or using a snuffer, especially if you use, or allow to be used, water or any other liquid;
  • You obviously burn the candle inconsistent with the labeling on the candle at the time of purchase.


By placing an order on this website, you agree that you are:

  1. Either the owner or an authorized user of the payment instrument used;
  2. You are not engaged in fraud of any kind involving this website, the payment instrument, or (if an authorized user) the owner of the payment instrument;
  3. You are actually expecting to receive the items ordered;
  4. If you are a resident of the state of Texas, appropriate sales tax will be collected;
  5. Shipping, unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase, is not free; and
  6. Payment will be collected at the time your order is placed.



Payment is due in full for all orders at the time of placement.

Refunds, Return, and Exchanges

It is not the general policy of The Legendary Candle Co. to issue refunds. If there is an issue with our craftsmanship, we will replace the product. We will do this upon receipt of the defective item from you, at your expense. Call us or email us to obtain Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and to generically let us know to expect your shipment. If the item is a custom item, replacement may take extra time. Exchanges will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Once you have an RMA, it is solely your responsibility to get the item to us. After we receive the candle, we will briefly assess the item for defect and, at our discretion, either ship a replacement product or issue you a pro rata credit for the candle.


Thank you for viewing our Terms of Service!

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