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Our 2 Ounce votive candles which look amazing in a votive holder for any occasion. Our votives will burn for 24 hours in a tight fitting votive holder.

The candle for those who want a variety. These little jars burn for 40 hour average. Don’t forget, buy 3 and get a discount!

The Legendary Candle Companies newest size. Buy 2 for a discount. The 8 Ounce Mason Jar will burn on average 60 hours.

Our candle for the obsessive burner.  Buy 2 and get a discount! These 32 Ounce Mason Jar candles will last 200 hours on average.

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Take some time to Relax, enjoy yourself.

Ground yourself and enjoy nature.

Take some time to smell the… Candles!

Get your citrus on and lighten your mood!

No one has to know you didn’t cook it.

Get a little herbal therapy.

Mint Rx, for feeling healthy!

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