The legendary Candle Company

Thank you for visiting The Legendary Candle Company and it’s website. In 1989 we started carving candles. We opened a store in Wimberly Tx. selling our carved candles and continued to this day but just not in Wimberly. We started an experiment in naturally scented candles and never looked back. To this day we make our naturally scented paraffin candles by hand, the same way we started way back when.

In addition to scented candles, the matron of the company Rebecca Hurst and her manager Aaron Long-Jordan continue to hand carve candles both at home and at our road shows which you can find information about Here. These candles and the art behind them are a very old tradition passed down for decades between master and apprentice, a tradition we keep  to even today. If you have never seen us carve, visit one of our many shows throughout the year and watch. It can be a truly mesmerizing and fascinating process.

Our Management

Rebecca Hurst

The legendary Candle Company -Becky

Becky carving another candle, concentrating as hard as she can.

The matron of the company and owner of The Legendary Candle Company, Becky Hurst is the driving force behind our growth. From emotional support to shop design and production of product. Becky keeps her hands in every level of the company so she can ensure quality and efficiency in everything we do.

Aaron long-jordan

The Legendary Candle Company -Aaron

Aaron at work, larger than life!

Beckys right hand and partner in the company, Aaron has been at the forefront of our growth for years. Acting as both the ramrod and support for Becky at the shows and at home, Aaron continues to push the limits every day. As the online administrator he is both my boos and my trainer but the office is only half of his job, much of his value comes from his knowledge of every aspect of candle making from basic prepping of glass to intricate carving of our most beautiful carved candles.

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