The best in the Industry!

We know that we hand craft the best candles in the world. Because of this, we stand behind every candle we create with a guarantee. As long as our simple instructions are followed on our labels and/or instruction sheets…

We guarantee that our scented candles will:

  • Burn for at least the advertised time on the label.
  • The fragrance will last all the way through to the bottom of the candle.

The guarantee!

If your candle does not perform to those standards, get a hold of us right away and we will take care of that problem for you.

So if this has convinced you how much we stand behind our product, swing on over to our Shop and pick up a few to try them out. What’s the worst that could happen with a stance like this?



  1. I have been buying these candles for about 10 years now. I can’t wait till Scarborough to come around to buy my next set of candles. Every year when I walk up they know who I am and what I am after. The last few years I have not been able to get down there but I am sure to send money with a friend to get me my candles when they go. I am so excited to have realized that I can order them online so I don’t have to burn sparingly now! (although my husbands wallet won’t be so happy!!!!!) Hope to see all of you soon.


  2. The Bluebonnet candles are my not so secret addiction! They are the best candle I have ever bought…just trying to figure out a way to order a large amount of them so I don’t ever have to be without that amazing smell in my house !

  3. Every year I visit Scarborough Fair I come home with at least two candles! My favorite is the lemongrass sage! The candles are great quality for a decent price.

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