Stay At Home Sale Part 2

StayAtHomeSale: 19% OFF Part 2

“All good things must come to an end…” sort of. On May 11th, Part 1 of our StayAtHomeSale came to a close. Now, we announce Part 2. Our StayAtHomeSale continues with Make Your Own Candle Subscriptions and continuing with a site wide 10% off all regular purchases.

Now, you can Make Your Own Candle Subscription directly from your shopping cart. Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, and Trimester options are available. Simply fill your cart with the candles you want to receive periodically, select how often, and checkout. We will start shipping immediately and once every period thereafter on the day you placed your order.

So… Now through September 30th:

  • Monthly Subscriptions: 19% effective discounts (up to 5 shipments)
  • Bi-Monthly (every two months) Subscriptions: 16.75% effective discounts (up to 3 shipments)
  • Quarterly Subscriptions: 14.5% effective discounts (up to 2 shipments)
  • All carts, including Trimester (every 4 months) Subscriptions: 10% effective discounts

With summer just around the corner, Fresh Grapefruit, Mandarin Orange, and Watermelon are some of our favorites. But be sure to pick yours: Shop Now!

Subscription discounts will continue after September 30th (Monthly at 10%, Bi-Monthly at 7.5%, and Quarterly at 5%). You can manage your subscription at any time through our website (including adding to, changing, and reducing your choices). And you have your choice of PayPal or Square to securely store your payment information.

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