Fragrance Of The Month FAQ


Here we will answer a few of your Frequently Asked Questions about Fragrance Of The Month. Please enjoy our constantly updating FAQ.

Q: When will i get my first order and when will the payment be processed.

A: Your first payment will be processed when you sign up and once the processing is complete your first order will be shipped within 3-5 days. From that point everything will be scheduled as per our normal subscription.

Q: When does the normally scheduled payment process and when will my order be received?

A:Your payment will be scheduled to process on the 10th of every month and your order will be shipped out within 5 days of that, meaning it will be on its way to you by the 15th of that month.

Q: When do deals update in the Clubhouse?

A: We will be updating our available Fragrance Of The Month discounts, deals, and offers at the 1st of every month meaning at 12:01 am on the first, you will have access to that months exclusive deals.

Q: How do drawings work?

A: Every other month we will be putting all the names in the subscription list into a drawing for a free package from us. The winner will be announced in the clubhouse and we will send out that package immediately. We have milestones in place so the more subscribers we have, the more names we draw for the give away.

Q: What do you mean free give-aways?

A: We will periodically, (on a secret schedule) stuff a free gift from us to you into your Fragrance Of The Month shipment. Its like a present! Because we love you!

Q; What if i want to cancel?

A: Well, i’ll be sad……But it happens. If you decide you want to cancel your subscription, just send us an e-mail to before your next billing cycle and we will deactivate your account. Yes, by the way, you can return at any time.