Fragrance of the Month Club

Fragrance of the Month Club!

Love our Fragrance of the Month and our Throwback fragrances? Well we have the solution to your addiction! No, its not a recovery group. Our newest addition to the Legendary Candle Companies pledge to bring you deals year around is the Fragrance of the Month Club! That's right, a group of like minded people who love our candles and a good deal!

Sign up instructions.

  • Scroll down to the candle pictures and decide which great package you need.
  • Click the button below your selected package that says "Sign Up Now"
  • Click either the "view cart" link that appears or the "Cart" option from the top menu.
  • Click the large blue button that says "Proceed To Checkout"
  • Confirm your information.
  • Click the "Proceed To PayPal" Button.
  • Enjoy your candles!

What's in the Club?

No, our clubhouse doesn't have monogrammed towels and a locker room with a built in bar (though we wish it did!). The Fragrance of the Month Club brings you an amazing offer every month. Every month, you get either a 12 Ounce or 32 Ounce candle in the Fragrance of the Month and Throwback fragrances as well as access to exclusive deals, drawings, giveaways and store wide discounts. The details are explained below!!!

Whats the catch?

No catch, on the Fragrance of the Month Clubhouse page, you'll have access to loads of offers and giveaways from us as well as exclusive content from us. We always love to bring you new things and this is a great new way to do that. All it takes to sign up is your first months payment and some sign up info.


Its only $38 a month for the 12 Ounce club and $64 a month for the 32 Ounce club plus our flat rate shipping. We put you on a recurring payment schedule so you don't have to worry about it every month. If you break that down, its two 12 Ounce candles a month, $22 per candle or two 32 Ounce candles at $36 each plus exclusive give-aways, deals and store wide discounts. That's a $56 to $76 value every month not including the offers and coupons you'll receive just for visiting The Clubhouse!