Road to TRF Part 3 – Stress!

*Update* Road to TRF Part 3

Stress has been high this week. So many things to do, so many things to finish. We have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Since we as well as lots of other people i’m sure, need some calming and de-stressing, something has to be done. We just cant get away from how much is going on so we thought, lets get happier! Welcome, an Aromatherapy Special!

Aromatherapy Special RTTRF

Aromatherapy Special for everyone!

That’s right, we are working to de-stress and clarify everyone. We are still offering Votive 4-packs with votive holders, this time in Aromatherapy. However! We are also doing a big sale on 4 Ounce Tureen Jars. All 4 Ounce Aromatherapy Jars are $7.00 now! We wanted to make sure to bring something fun, awesome, and valuable to you since TRF is so close. We are knocking $2.00 off all Aromatherapy 4 Ounce candles until the end of this special! Like and Share so everyone can get a chance at this amazing offer.

The Road to TRF Part 2 – Gourmet Happiness

Gourmet RTTRF

*Update* Road to TRF – Part 2

Over the weekend of August 13th, the performing company at TRF started Dress Rehearsal and it was great! The smell of the bakeries making their first batches of baked goods brought a great new idea to our minds. So we decided to update The Road to TRF with the next Fragrance Family as…..*bum bum bum* Gourmet!


Now who doesn’t love great scents that remind us of pies, cookies, and baked goods? No one, that’s who! So if purchase you any -Votive 4 pack in Gourmet, you will get 4 votive holders for free! Whats better than that? Well we have a new product to answer that question. An -18 Count Votive box of assorted Gourmet Fragrances for only $18. Just like the earthy special (Creative, right? Don’t worry, we have more specials to come.) This special will again, last for 5 days so jump on it while it is here.


The Road to TRF – A Walk Down The Road

1st Road to TRF 2016@0,5x

On the Way to TRF

Here we are 49 days from the opening of TRF and we are excited! As we go to our booth to get it ready for our amazing friends to come visit us, we wanted to bring you updates and a few Deals! Because we are on the Faire Site often in these leading months, we often have moment to pause and appreciate things. First, let me say, the Site takes a bunch of work to get ready. Since we where there just recently, we noticed the grounds crew making it pretty. Things like cutting grass, pruning plants, and bringing in new soil for the gardens.

Just imagine it!

So, here we are a candle company being bombarded by the scents of Outside! Grounds keepers cutting the green grass. Gardeners pouring soil around new plants. Us sweeping leaves out of the booth. Other booths preparing their gardens. Since we love our plants, we are already out there tending our potted flowers.

This got us thinking and we had our first thought about The Road To TRF. As we walk down this road, giving you updates on what we are doing and what’s going on with the site, we will be offering Special Deals on things the site reminds us of. Yep, that’s right, New Deals!!! So what is our first Special Offer, you ask?

Earthy Fragrances! Votives Galore.

Because everyone loves fresh cut grass and new soil, we are putting everything in our Earthy fragrance family on Special. So if purchase you any -Votive 4 pack in Earthy, you will get 4 votive holders for free! What’s better than that? Well we have a new product to answer that question. An -18 Count Votive box of assorted Earthy Fragrances for only $18.

Keep up with us.

We have 49 days until TRF so these offers will last 6 days each and highlight a different fragrance family and a different stage of set-up. We will update our blog of The Road every 5 days and update our Offers at the same time. Check back, Like, Comment, Share and enjoy! Also, check out for their constant stream of fun and excitement.

Two New Specials Every Month!

We are now implementing two new monthly specials!!

First, Fragrance of the Month and then our Throwback Fragrance. These two new specials are going to change every month and we are offering one 32 Ounce jar and two 4 Ounce Jars or a pair of 12 Ounce Tureen Jars for just $43.99 on Throwbacks and 15% off any candle in the Fragrance of the Month! So don’t miss this opportunity to get a special deal on one of our wonderful fragrances and the chance to get one we have discontinued every month! Since these deals go quick, come check them out in our Throwbacks Section or on the Fragrance of the Months Page!

Augusts Throwback Fragrance Specials is Honeysuckle Lavender

This months Throwback Fragrance is Honeysuckle Lavender! Make sure to catch this one before it’s gone again. Just as the name suggests, this candle is a refreshing blend of two of our favorites. This beautiful fragrance is coming back through the end of August. With its joyous mix of herbal and aromatic scents, it’ll leave you smiling. It is a strong, sweet, and cheerful smell that will permeate your home and leave you feeling refreshed and focused.

August 2016's Fragrance of the Month Specials is Juicy Watermelon

August 2016’s Fragrance of the Month is Juicy Watermelon









This months Fragrance of the Month is ….. *drum Roll* Juicy Watermelon!! Cool August down with this summer classic! An exquisite fragrance that will both leave you satisfied and fill your home with the feeling of summer. Watermelon is a delightful and bubbly fragrance with a certain sweetness that will surely take you back to childhood memories of spitting seeds on the 4th of July.

Product Photography

It’s here! Photography!

I’m sure during this promo you have all seen our astounding lack of product photography. Well, that is coming to an end. We have started the road to filling the website with beautiful pictures of beautiful Candles. This process will take a while so I am going to update this post often with benchmarks to show everyone how we are doing.

Update 1

So, we have set up our photo area and are starting to get under way.

Here you can see our photo lab being in the midst of being set up. Photography at its finest.

Here you can see our photo lab being in the midst of being set up.

It is definitely a modest photo shoot for the amazing supermodels we will be shooting but we are confident our resident expert, Aaron can make these pictures amazing.

Yep, Aaron trying to get an idea of lighting and color balance. Gotta love his commitment to good photography.

Yep, Aaron trying to get an idea of lighting and color balance.

Check back with us as we start posting our product photos and let us know what you think of our hard work.







Update 2

Here we are well on our way! Check out Aaron “hard at work”!


Aaron "hard at work" doing our photography!

Aaron “hard at work” doing our photography!

We have finished the 32 Ounce candles we have ready to shoot and moved on to 12 Ounce. Tonight we will be shooting 4 Ounce jars and B reel!!




Aaron actually doing the photography, slacker! 🙂

Buy Two Get One Free

Free Candles!

Summer 2016 has been really slow for us at The Legendary Candle Co. and we are in a bind. Between not attending the Colorado Renaissance Festival, smaller shows that we attended not being what we expected, and going into the summer a bit strapped from the massive floods during Scarborough, we’re making a candle offer in a big way (selling candles is how we pay our bills after all) to help us make it past this obstacle into TRF. So in an attempt to raise the funds we need, here is our newest Promotion. And it gets you free candles!

We are offering Buy Two Get One Free on our 32 ounce Mason Jars candles! Now through August 1st get your candle fix much easier. Now, that’s 3 32 Ounce Candles for $72, plus tax and shipping. Regular price would be $96, plus tax and shipping. That is a free 32 Oz candle which means you get $36 free!

  • Use coupon code SLOWSUMMER on checkout and it will discount the price of one of the three candles in your cart.
  • There is no limit on the number of times you can use this code.
  • You can share this code with anyone.
  • You will need to make multiple orders to get more than just 3 candles on this offer. (we’re working on ways to make offers like this work more smoothly, but those take money for plugins or development).

Aside from Sunflower Summer, Lemongrass Sage, Pineapple, Coconut Macaroon, White Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Mocha, and Sandalwood, all 32 ounce Mason Jar candles are eligible for this sale. To recap, get your candles easier, celebrate the launch of our website’s new layout and help us keep going into winter all at the same time.

Please Like and Share our post and Visit our website and order today. So don’t let the biggest sale we have ever done pass you by!!!!

Free 32 ounce mason jar when you buy two Free 32 ounce mason jar when you buy two

Site Maintenance

Over the next day, Michael and I will be updating our online store offerings, products, categories, and navigation to make shopping easier.

During this time, we will not be accepting orders through our website. If you need candles, please message us on FaceBook or visit our Etsy shop.

*** UPDATE ***

All scented candle items are in place and searchable as individual items. Menu structure has been updated to make finding fragrances easier. Stay tuned for upcoming menu edits that will be, we hope, pretty epic.

Also, pictures of product should be happening in the near future.

The End of Free Shipping!!!!!!

The End of Free Shipping!

That’s right, we are very sad to announce that we can no longer support free shipping on all website orders. It will be changed to a flat rate of $12 on Monday June 20th. Orders $100 and over will continue to be shipped for free.Dave, our UPS Guy, picking up packages. Yay, Shipping!

We wanted to let everybody know so you could get your last couple free shipped orders in. Hurry on over to our website at and cash in on this before its too late. Share this with your friends so they can get to us before it is too late. We love you guys!

Dave is waiting to pick up all your orders every day!

Boerne Berges Fest

Designs In Wax/The Legendary Candle Company will be in Boerne for the Boerne Berges Fest this weekend!! Come visit us as we make a visit back to our old stomping grounds. We are hoping to see old friends, new comers and even a few former employees! Please like and share this post so all of our old friends can see it and come visit us at this great little show in Boerne