Candle Safety Guidelines

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These Candle Safety Guidelines are just that, guidelines to be followed. Go above and beyond if you like, we encourage it. However, these are some common sense guides and general candle knowledge we have gained over the years we have been making candles. Customers will also note, we have a few guidelines on the inside of our tags!

Candle Safety

Never leave burning candles unattended is first on our list. Because unattended candles cause house fires, period. Some other guidelines we can offer are;

Candle Safety -1

This one is burned down a little far. Always make sure to stop before the wax is lower than the Metal Tab!


  • Do not burn past the metal tab on the bottom of the candle.
  • Always place candles on protected surfaces.
  • Never light candles with high heat devices such as welding torches.
  • Do not burn candles near sources of flammable gas. I.E. Oxygen tanks.
  • Do not burn candles on surfaces prone to temperature shock.
  • Never burn a candle near flammable things like drapes.

Candle Health

Secondly, a few key guidelines to help keep your candles burning healthy. So, this section is not so much about Safety as it is about making sure your candle works how it should.

Candles Safety -2

See the ring of melted wax? Make sure it goes all the way to the edge.


  • Never push down edges of melted wax.
  • Never pour out melted wax (scented candles only)
  • Always burn candles long enough to be liquid all the way across the top.
  • Never freeze a candle (it ruins the bonds between oil and wax, it does not help it burn longer)
  • Do not store candles in places (Attics) that get up to 110 degrees.

Candle Sense

Now, a few common and not so common sense things to remember. Since we have been in candles as long as we have, we have seen some things. Because of this, please just trust us when we say;

  • Do not put a candles in the dishwasher.
  • Do not put candles in the oven.
  • Never touch melted wax.
  • Always remember not to smell the open flame (It burns)
  • Don’t pour melted wax down the drain.
  • Keeps pets away from lit candles.

There you have it.

So here we are, at the end. Finally, please remember these are guidelines, not an all encompassing end all be all. So use your common sense, keep your candles happy and if you have a question, a suggestion for our list or just want to say hi drop us a line at